GOTO Lockscreen Launches Directly To Apps From The Lockscreen

Android: GOTO Lockscreen is a replacement for Android's built-in lockscreen with some very smart functionality built in.

GOTO Lockscreen is very simple to implement with its built in setup/tutorial, so once you download it, you should be up and running in a minute or two. Once installed, you can see immediately how this app is going to save you time. The normal unlock slide function of your Android phone is now replaced with a very stylish arc based slider that has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

GOTO Lockscreen costs $1.53 in the Android Market.

GOTO Lockscreen [Android Market]


    What a crappy fuzzy video!

    The fact that it will only work with standard apps such as Gmail and a few well-known alternatives such as Handcent for text messaging, is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise I would definately have bought it.

    GOTO is a great lockscreen! I use it everyday and being able to preview without all the extra steps saves me time!

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