Navigate Through A Song On Android With The Lockscreen Controls

Navigate Through a Song on Android with the Lock Screen Controls

One of the neatest features of stock Android is the lockscreen controls that appear while you're listening to music. What you might not have known is that you can long-press them to jump to a specific part of a song.

The lockscreen controls were introduced in Android KitKat, but the long-press functionality has flown somewhat under the radar. Simply long-press on the title of the track, and a slider will appear that lets you scrub along the song. Easy peasy!

Quickly get to your favourite part on @GooglePlay Music [Twitter]


    Only works with Google Play, not mp3 player

    Works for me and im using Shuttle+ (on Cyanogenmod 11.2).

    As far as i am aware as long as you are using an app can use the lockscreen controls you can use this shortcut.

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