Australian iTunes Pricing Is A Rort, But Not The Biggest Rort

Australian iTunes Pricing Is A Rort, But Not The Biggest Rort

Australian iTunes Pricing Is A Rort, But Not The Biggest RortPrice differences that exist purely because we live in Australia suck, and the iTunes Store has some of the most prominent examples. MacStories has analysed the relative prices for iTunes songs and apps in different markets, and found that while Australia is badly treated, we’re not quite the worst-treated customers in the world.

Using the average exchange rate for January as a basis, the site calculated the US dollar price for a song (Grenade by Bruno Mars) and an app (Angry Birds). On that basis, Australia is 69% more expensive for music (Switzerland is worse with 78%), while for apps prices are 30% higher (Japan is worse with 40%).

The price differences aren’t as marked in the app store as with music, but they’re still very much present. And while single-item prices don’t tell the whole story — different countries have different levels of disposable income, for instance — there’s still no logical reason why developers who set a global price for their apps shouldn’t be able to set actual global prices. Hit the link for the full analysis.

The Great Disparity in Global iTunes Prices [MacStories]


  • This is why people pirate stuff. Who wants to pay $17 for a $9.99 album?

    “How much is $2 worth of gas?”

    Next time this happens to me, I’m going to chat to the ACCC, as this is unfair to consumers.

    • Hi I’m the red bird on angry birds. Some people call me useless because I don’t actually have any special abilities..

      ..anyway I prefer the price per download model of angry birds. I still don’t get any money, oh and the developers are actually the pigs. Think about it if I had my eggs why would I hurt myself time and time again?

  • Is there anything about Apple that doesn’t stir the ire of the general “non Apple fanboy” public? I remember those old adds where “Apple” was trying to knock down the evil “Big brother” overlords. Now they are the Overlords, and yet the Fanboys still flock to the bloated Apple alter…. :[

    • I enjoy the Apple hardware… pity it comes with the dates OS.X and Apple’s pedantic and obstroficuous views on how people can USE the hardware they sell… (yeah I made that word up.. but I think it describes the way apple acts quite well 😉

      Adobe is just as bada as mentioned. But you can purchase Adobe stuff digitally from USA Adobe store via service like PriceUSA and still save most of the price gouge money between Adobe AUST and USA. I do it all the time. Digital download versions = no shipping = good savings.

      Hows those ads going on the Angry Birds Android version ? The iPhone is far from perfect, as a hardware device and a platform. But most of the platform issues are Apple being obstroficuous. I enjoy the convienence of them manging the content and platform. The price I pay is (much) freedom to do what I want… but so far (4 years of iPhone usage) has not bothered me enough to even consider changing. Something would have to come along that was 7-8-10 times better than iPhone… not just “as good” or “more open” or much better… as is case now. (yes I had to copy/paste my own word obstroficuous… 😉

  • This is the reason I switched to Android, and may or may not pirate lots of music and support local artists… but Apple will never see a cent from me… ever!!! They are indeed the evil overlords, imagine the computing world today if Apple had become the standard back when the war started with MSFT… God knows how terrible it would be, everything locked down and forbidden…

    • You switched to Android because you perceived it was better value. You have summarised some of the things that are valueable to you but most people don’t care or understand about feeedom or lock-down.

      If I can jailbreak legally and access the command line of OSX as root user, I don’t feel there are any restrictions on me at all.

      If I don’t like the price, I won’t pay, this is my value equation. If Apple had replaced Microsoft we may have all been using Unix-based operating systems by now. To each their own.

      • I love these “if I JailBreak” comments. If something was so perfect why would it need Jailbreaking? It’s like me buying a Holden Barina and ripping the engine out and putting in a Golf GTI engine so I can have the turbo power I wanted … Compare like with like, or should I say compare things to your true piece of mutton rather than your piece of mutton done up (jail broken) to look like Lamb.

  • LCD TV’s are another example of price gouging in Australia.

    Despite the fact that the $AUD has risen to parity with $USD and near record high against the Yen, large LED backlit LCD TV’s have not come down in price.

    I was after a 55″ Sony like the KDL55HX800 but the price has not changed in the last 8 months.
    Manipulation of supply I suspect.

    • Nathan, I would suspect it’s a distributor (i.e. behind the retailer) who got a bunch of stock 8 months ago and is unwilling to take a loss on it. Meanwhile, we look at the latest exchange rate figures and imagine that should be reflected instantly in the price… logical for digital products, a little less so for physical products.

    • Mate we’ve been selling the 55″ HX800 for $2778 in our latest catalogue. It’s a little bit below cost. I work at a South Australian Retravision, you should get onto it. Sale ends Saturday 26th.

  • So – I decided to do the right thing a ‘gift’ an album to a friend. The itunes prices are now up above $2 for a track!! ROBBERY! The US pays 0.99 and we have been (until the Japan crisis) at or above parity. It’s a DIGITAL TRACK. There’s no manufacture necessary etc. There is no shipping. It’s totally wrong.

  • We are so far behind the rest of the developed world and always the sae arguement – Australia is too far away to be copetitive, or our population isn’t big enough to support competition, or the cost to bring stuff to Australia is too high. Its all crap! iTunes Australia doesn’t have half the stuff other iTunes countries have (CSI episodes and Kick-ass – the Score soundtrack for 2 examples) and there is no other alternative but to download it from other sites. They wont let you download music files from Amazon US or UK it iTunes. Its like living in a prison being here in Australia. You can see all the other cool stuff people from the UK, Europe and USA can get but we aren’t allowed to touch it, and if we are…we have to pay 3 times the amount for it. This country sucks!!

    • I totally agree except for the part about this country sux. That is why I use a good VPN for US-Only digital content (Pandora, Netflix) and a US iTunes account with US gift cards bought off the net. Sure, we shouldn’t have to do that, but at least we don’t need a VPN to access Facebook and youtube like you do in China. Do not allow dinosaur-era regional restrictions (it truly is the Studios, Labels and Publishers we need to thank) to get in your way. When we want to hand over money, and the studios are refusing to take our money (for instance content/TV shows being available on US iTunes and not on AU), it makes no sense at all to abide by those nonsense policies. Get a VPN, find workarounds. At least we have nice beaches?

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