iTunes Price Hike: Apple Is Raising Its App Prices In Australia (Again)

Last year, Apple raised its app prices across the board for both iOS and Mac users. Now it's happening again. (Boo-urns!) The price hike is expected to kick in sometime tomorrow. On the plus side, the 99 cent app is back. (Hurrah?)

Apple has announced plans to hike its app prices in Australia within the next 36 Hours. The news comes from an iClarified report based on documentation Apple sent to app developers.

At the time of writing, a complete list of revised pricing has not been released, but $1.29 apps will apparently rise to $1.49; an increase of 15 per cent. If the change follows previous price hikes, you can expect each tier to rise between 15% and 30%.

Apple is blaming its increased prices on the weak Aussie dollar, although similar increases are occurring in Indonesia and Sweden. The price hike also affects auto-renewable in-app purchase subscriptions. (Apple will alert customers prior to the increase taking place.)

But it's not all bad news: Apple has indicated to developers that a new "low-price" tier will be available in Australia. This will cost 99 cents, which used to be the lowest tier in Australia before it was upped to $1.29. We'll be reporting back with the full list of new prices as soon as it becomes available.

[Via iClarified]


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