New iMac Pricing Not Such A Rort For Australians

Apple refreshed its lineup of iMacs overnight, which leads to the usual question: just how much are Australian buyers being rorted compared to the US? Nick at Gizmodo has taken his calculator to the new prices, and concludes that the "Apple Tax" isn't too bad this time around.

While there still is a premium in place, it isn't as pronounced as it has been in the past once you factor in US sales tax. The Australian dollar has been riding consistently near or above the US for quite a while now, so presumably Apple's long-lead planning has managed to reflect that consistency. Hit Gizmodo for the full analysis.

How Does The New iMac Pricing Look In Australia? [Gizmodo]


    Why is there any premium at all? I imagine it's a demnad/supply thing (i.e. we're a bunch of mugs who are willing to pay over the odds).

      It's exactly that, the supply is greater in the States than there is demand, another way of saying it is that the market is saturated with 'exclusive' brand products such as those offered by Apple. In contrast out market isn't as saturated as the one in the States and Apple is able to see its products at a 'premium' as it doesn't really have all that much competition in the market it is selling..

    Just out of curiosity do any of our company's impose a premium when selling to them? (Not that we have many).

      you will probably be upset to know that they probably get slightly cheaper rent than a lot of smaller retailers because they are a 'lighthouse' store that people will seak out and go to. With that in mind a large suburban shopping centre like chadstone or doncaster may actually offer them a discount, fitout, rent free period or any combination.

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