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As 2010 drew to a close, you wanted the best advice we'd offered all year, but new problems with Apple and Vodafone also proved contentious. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Vodafone Network Problems May Lead To Class Action
    Variable performance on Vodafone’s network is a common complaint amongst Australian customers, and the site has served as a central rallying point for those issues. The next possible step? A class action against the carrier.
  2. This Is The Best Of Lifehacker 2010
    2010 was a huge year at Lifehacker, and we spent the month looking back at the biggest and best posts of the year. Here’s one last look back at the best of 2010 in case you missed anything along the way.
  3. Five Best Resources For Free Games
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but paying for everything make Jack rather poor. Here’s a look at the most popular places to score free games online for some cheap end-of-year fun.
  4. 10 Webapps That Add Great New Features To Gmail
    Gmail’s packed with features out-of-the-box, and Gmail Labs offers even more great functionality for adventurous users. But if you’re looking for more than what Google’s offering, these 10 services bring even more excellent functionality to Gmail.
  5. New Year Alarm Glitches Hit The iPhone
    The change to daylight savings resulted in major alarm problems for many iPhone owners. The update release of iOS was supposed to have fixed those problems, but it seems the switch to a new year has resulted in more alarm dramas.
  6. How To Make The Best Of Your Crappy iPod Earbuds
    No one likes the earbuds that come with iPods and iPhones, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Reader uscdb shows us one way to make music sound a bit better on old iPod earbuds.
  7. Most Popular Chrome Extensions And Posts Of 2010
    Google’s browser is a little over two years old, but it’s making major waves on the web. This year, Chrome added extensions, a webapp “Store”, stable Mac and Linux releases, and more. Here’s what intrigued us all most about Chrome in 2010.
  8. Most Popular Android Posts Of 2010
    More apps, more users, and more upgrades for all kinds of phones—2010 was a good year for Android. We gave Google’s smartphone operating system some in-depth, how-to attention this past year, too. Here’s the most popular of our Android-centered stuff.
  9. Most Popular iPhone Posts And Free Apps Of 2010
    It’s been a rough year for the iPhone, what with the iPhone 4′s antenna issues and iPhone 3G’s iOS4 performance problems. Nonetheless, we’ve seen some great apps and put together awesome posts for the iPhone in 2010.
  10. Lifehacker’s Biggest Australian Stories Of 2010
    As the year draws to a close, here’s the 10 biggest local stories on Lifehacker in 2010, ranked in order of popularity. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!


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