New Year Alarm Glitches Hit The iPhone

The change to daylight savings resulted in major alarm problems for many iPhone owners. The update release of iOS was supposed to have fixed those problems, but it seems the switch to a new year has resulted in more alarm dramas.

Apple's support forum is filled with posters complaining about how their iPhone alarms stopped functioning after the New Year rolled in. According to 9 To 5 Mac, the issue doesn't happen with recurring alarms, and stops being a problem after January 3. Given the problems that the daylight saving issue created, you'd have thought that Apple would pay more attention to its alarm-generating code.

Have you been experiencing 2011 alarm issues with your iPhone? Tell us your story — and any other fixes you've found — in the comments.

Alarm doesn't work since new year [Apple via ZDNet]


    yesterday I setup to wake up to 5.00 am and not working.

    My alarms haven't worked on my i4 running 4.2.1 since the new year.

    I slept through my entire 5-hour morning shift! ARGH! Thanks, Apple!

    Yeah this happened to me this morning. I set it, once off at 8 am. And it didn't go off. What's going on with Apple's alarms? It's getting annoying.

    I'm doing work on the QLD floods. Called in special on a Sunday to do it because it's an emergency situation. The iphone glitch made me an hour late for work. Not cool.

    I never had the issue,

    I'm running OS 4.2.1 on the iPhone 4 32GIG.
    Date and time settings are set to "Automatic".
    Alarm is set to repeat everyday.

    ~ Damian


      Clearly you cannot read articles properly. This glitch does not affect reoccurring alarms.

        Well you do not need to be so mean about it.

    Yep me too. Spectacular alarm fail, making me 2 and a half hours late for work. Thanks Apple. Id have thought Apple would fix this so we can all get to work on time to earn some dough to spend on more of their well overpriced products... Isn't that how they roll?

    Well the guy waiting for me to relieve him after work ended up doing a 14 hour shift instead of a 12 hour shift, thanks heaps apple

    I didn't wake up in the morning when I looked at my iPhone I found that the alarm didn't go off
    I was thinking that I set my alarm on pm not am so that it didn't go off!
    I didn't know that it is apple itself to blame
    I think apple must compensate people who had problem with alarm!

    First it was the day light savings problem, and now this, how hard is it to write an alarm application.

    I am really disappointed from what happened. For the nth time, I hope that this incident will never happen again. If iPhone dreams to be the leading smartphone globally, they should fix minor problems such as this one as this will greatly affect their reputation and especially their sales.

    Had my alarm set for 0502am and 0504am. Could not understand why it did not work till reading todays paper. I woke at 0500 by body clock

    I read about the iPhone alam issue. I placed Ann alarm for 7.00am in the morning and when I was reading the website I just checked the time and realized it's already 7.30 and the issue still exist.

    Had my alarm set for 5am. I woke up at 8... Only 2 hours late for work. Awesome.

    Apple said it would be fixing itself on the 03. Jan, yet no miracles happened this morning and the problem persists. Well and truly annoyed with an alarm that cannot be relied upon.

    The main thing I do not understand about this is why they haven't done thorough testing on this simple glitch. Something like a change in time zone or a change in year should be weeded out in the earlier stages. I also do not like the lack of communication apple has with the community of iPhone lovers. I for one lined up from 9pm-6am the day of the iPhone launch and consider myself an avid Mac supporter. Apple has all our email addressees, how hard would it be to send us an update on the issue before we discover it and be inconvieniced and tell us the tips to get around it!

      No big deal

      - Steve

    My girlfriend had a 6am flight to Brisbane. We had two iPhone alarms set to wake us up in time. I woke up and checked the time, 5.55am.

    I think the worst thing about this is that Apple didn't let people know once they heard there was a problem.

    It's not good enough.

    Iphone alarm did not go off on New Years Day luckily I woke up and made it to work on-time. To solve problem I have downloaded an alarm app that was free. I tested to ensure that it works and it does- thank god. This could have been a disaster!

    I have had no problems with my Android-based handsets alarm.

    Hope this helps guys.

    How have Apple stuffed up the alarms on the iPhone so much? Whoever wrote that bit of code needs some more developer training I think. Come on, don't make the alarm smart, a basic couple of settings suits 99.9% of users. The more code in there, the more likely it is to break.

    woohoo it doesn't affect recurring alarms.
    great because new years day is of course the most normal day for peoples sleep patterns. who could possibly need a once off alarm

    it didn't make me late or anything, i was on holidays but this type of crap just shouldn't happen

    Problem fixed go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings.

    Be warned u will need to reset a few things but no biggy

    since daylight saving my i4 alarm works only accuratley on "never repeat" - if this function is activated the alarm is 1 hour out - comes on early - I assume that it is recognizing the pre daylight saving time

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