Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

It was something of an iWeek, with iOS5 and iPhone 4S hogging the spotlight. But readers also wanted to know about the virtues of dongles and what’s happening in hardware retailing. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Ask LH: When Does iOS 5 Launch In Australia?
    Hi Lifehacker, So we know from Apple’s recent media event that iOS 5 will be available to download this week. My question is, in Australia do we get to download when it is 12am on October 12 here or do we have to wait till it is 12am on the 12th in US Pacific Time to download it?
  2. Planhacker: iPhone 4S Australian Launch Pricing Compared
    Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile have all announced their contract launch pricing for the iPhone 4S, which goes on sale this Friday from 8am. Find the plan that has the right options and pricing for you with our complete Planhacker spreadsheet.
  3. Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5 In 7 Minutes
    Apple’s finalised the next version of its operating system, iOS 5, and it’s a pretty big upgrade. Here’s a look at all the new stuff you can expect when you install it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  4. How Is Siri Coping With Your Australian Accent?
    By now, the first early buyers should have their iPhone 4S and have had a chance to play around with Siri, the impressive-sounding voice command system which (for now) is only on the 4S. Siri is said to be ready for Australian accents and vocabulary right out of the box, but how well is it actually working?
  5. Is There Any Reason I Shouldn’t Upgrade To iOS 5 Right Now?
    Everyone may be talking about iOS 5 like it’s the second coming, but you might be wondering what the catches are. There aren’t many, but there are a few reasons you might want to hold off on updating. Here’s what the situation looks like right now.
  6. Lifehacker Analyses iPhone 4S Pricing
    Both Optus and Vodafone put out contract pricing for the iPhone 4S on Saturday night, so if you missed it due to other weekend commitments, have a look at our comprehensive interactive spreadsheets for Optus and Vodafone.
  7. How To Set Up And Configure All The New Features In iOS 5
    iOS 5 is out and there are plenty of new features, some of which require a little bit of set up. We’ll walk you through the entire process so you’re up and running in just a few minutes. Click on the feature you want to set up for a video walkthrough and written instructions as well.
  8. Lifehacker Vs Gizmodo: Hotspot Or Dongle?
    Mobile broadband is a traveller’s best friend, but is it better packaged as a hotspot, a dongle, or something else entirely? Gizmodo and Lifehacker debate the issues.
  9. Why Advance Ordering An iPhone 4S Can Be A Trap
    I spent yesterday creating and then updating our Planhacker guide to iPhone 4S pricing, on a busy day which saw Telstra and Virgin Mobile announce their iPhone 4S plans and Vodafone release details of its 12-month contract offers. The big lesson for consumers from that experience? Advance ordering a phone before you know the full competitive landscape could be a costly mistake.
  10. Retail Reboot: Masters Home Improvement
    Woolworths has plans to spend more than $400 million this year on its new Masters Home Improvement stores to try and compete with hardware giant Bunnings Warehouse . Can shiny floors, magazines, McDonald’s and appliances make the difference? Our Retail Reboot heads to the first Masters outlet in Braybrook.

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