How To Make The Best Of Your Crappy iPod Earbuds

No one likes the earbuds that come with iPods and iPhones, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Reader uscdb shows us one way to make music sound a bit better on old iPod earbuds.

I've searched around and haven't found anyone that has done this but I recently was forced to resort to those crappy iPod earbuds you get bundled with every iDevice.

Basically instead of inserting them in your ear with the speaker facing your ear canal, insert it like you normally would then grab the wire and pull it up 90 degrees so the top of the earbud is facing your ear canal. The end that the wire comes out of should be perpendicular to your head. Give it a little push in and surprisingly it will stick (at least it does for me).

You will find that this significantly increases the bass and mid range, while leveling off some of that tin-can like treble, giving you a much fuller sound. In my opinion it's a vast improvement from the original intended audio quality you get from the earbuds.

I think this imrpovement is due to the seal you get in your ear using this method that mimics higher quality earplug type earbuds.

You can fiddle around with the placement to find the optimal sound, I found that pushing it in further and slight changing the angle might give you an even better sound, although that involves holding your hand there depending on your ears. In my opinion, this really does improve the awful audio quality of the earbuds. People deserve better sounding music and if youre just stuck with Apple then you gotta make lemonade (or apple juice, as the case may be).

I no longer have any old iPod headphones—I haven't bought a new iDevice in a few years myself—so try it out and let us know how it works for you in the comments.


    That actually sounds like it would be painfull for some people. The fact that so many people still buy icrap even though apple couldn't give a crap about the quality of, probably one of the most important parts of the device, speeks volumes for the stupidity ipod fans! :}

      When you buy a diamond and gold necklace pendant, you get a cheap free necklace to put it on.
      According to your theory, the necklace would be the most important part yet jewellers still give away crappy necklaces to go with it.
      So.. it doesn't matter how good the main part is, if the easily replaceable part is cheap then everyone who buys one is stupid?

      I love the hateboys who call others stupid yet don't make any sense in the process.

        So basically your saying that the headphones are just a cheap add-on, and that you're expected to buy a better pair. Oh, sad,sad, fanboy!! :)

    It stays in one ear, but not the other.

    Sound isn't that different

    All in the head, it just sounds like the headphones aren't in properly. This could be actually tested if it was worth being tested. My biggest complaint about the headphones is not the sound, they produce better sounds than most headphones priced under $20, but that they don't sit in the ear canal very well - so this makes bad headphones even worse.

    Oh wow!
    My sister uses her iPod headphones excatly like this. I thought she was a bit silly but maybe she was right!

    Every ear is unique to the individual. Thus, results will vary. People that fail to realise this are unintelligible and ignorant.

      "unintelligible" ??

    I quite like the headphones that came with my iPod. I have 4 sets now (iPhone, iPad and 2 iPods) and use them all the time. They fit my ears really well and stay in even when I'm running or on my mountain bike.

    Love this! Makes those headphones 100x more comfortable and there is a minor improvement in the levels of bass.

    After finding this method I have actually been unable to find earbuds as comfortable as the iPod ones. does anyone know of any earbuds with a similar design (curved back not pointy and straight) but better sound quality?

    It's just simple acoustics. Wearing the earbuds like shown will create a better seal and enhance the bass perception quite a bit - true not all ear canals are created equal so mileage will vary. I discovered this after buying an expensive set of Koss earbuds and while the sound was better, it was not as good as when experimenting with the positioning of the stock Apple earbuds brought me to use them like shown here; as the bass became prominent I had to adjust teh EQ on the iPod for Treble Boost... couldn't have been happier with earbuds like now .

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