Black, White And Silver: Adventures In A Mac And Minimal Home Office

Transparent white boards, Anime action figures, and a monochromatic colour scheme give today's featured workspace a minimalist but personalised vibe.

Lifehacker reader Rodrigo Haenggi hails from Switzerland and has a sleek and monochromatic Mac-centric office. Decked out with ample desk space, multiple monitors, some Anime action figure flair, and a server cabinet made from an IKEA storage cabinet, he has more than enough space and supplies to make working at home enjoyable. Check out his workspace in the gallery below:

For an in-depth break down of the gear in his workspace, check out his interview with workspace-centered blog Setups and Spaces.

Black, White, and Silver: Adventures in a Mac and Minimal Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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