White On White: Inside The Offices Of Yummygum

If you're going to go for the monochromatic/minimalist look you might as well go all out. Today we take a peek inside the spartan offices of design firm Yummygum.

Norwegian design firm Yummygum has an ultra-minimalist vibe where everything is carefully tucked out of sight (or absent all together). The attention to detail (or the lack of details to distract the eye) is significant. The cable ports in the table, for example, are cut to match the company logo.

Visit the link below to check out more photos at Deskopgraphy.

The Offices of Yummygum [Deskography]


    Reminds me of the minimalism episode of Absolutely Fabulous:


    All it needs is one of those big signs saying "You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!". Anyone willing to bet how long it'll take for that all white interior to feel like a mental asylum/prison/hospital ward/etc after a few months?

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