White, Glass And Bamboo: A Minimalist Workspace

Today's featured workspace sports multiple layers of bamboo, clean lines, and an ample and well-lit glass desk. If you're going to stare at a workstation all day it might as well be one this relaxing.

Lifehacker reader Sean Petersohn has kept his home office a minimal affair. His desk is clear except for his computer, peripherals, some refreshments, and a lucky bamboo—the bamboo theme appears throughout his office both on his desk, as his keyboard mat, and as an area rug beneath his desk. Otherwise the office is uncluttered save for a lone guitar stand and a small shelf of storage bins. Take a closer look in the pictures below.

White, Glass, and Bamboo: A Minimalist Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Wow. An imac and a macbook sitting on a desk. How interesting.

      Multiple layers of bamboo ? aside from the actual plant and the sushi mat being used as a keyboard mat where are the others ?

      Should really be called a yuppi motif bound by corporate coffee

    this is the desk of someone who does no real work. Looks pretty. Pretty useless.

    Wow what a bunch of h8ers!

    I think you are all judging him a little too much based on his choice of pathetic tasting coffee (c:

    I agree with Alex, minimalist is great if you want to take photos of your workspace but if you actually have to get stuff done it'll be such a hassle not having your stuff in front of you.

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