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  • What’s New in iOS 15.5

    What’s New in iOS 15.5

    For the first time in 46 days, Apple has released a new software update for both the iPhone and iPad. The new updates, iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5, should be available on all compatible devices right now. Whether you’ve already updated, or whether you’re just learning about the update for the first time, here’s what…

  • How to Force Restart Any iPhone or iPad

    How to Force Restart Any iPhone or iPad

    If your iPhone or iPad is frozen or not recognising touchscreen inputs, a forced restart may be necessary to get it working again. The force restart method allows you to shut down and reboot the iPhone without using the touchscreen.

  • Apple Updates iPod Touch, Dodges Australia Tax

    Apple overnight updated the iPod Touch line for the first time in three years, with storage options ranging from 16GB to 128GB. They’re available today, and for once, we’re arguably getting them cheaper than in most of the US.