ABC iView Hits Xbox Live Today

Microsoft promised that ABC iView would appear on the recently-updated Xbox Live sometime in December, and that day has come: the catch-up service has rolled out for Australian users today. Given the dire state of most network TV over Christmas, it's a very welcome update for Xbox owners.


    About time!

    Can someone report back on what the UI is like? It's so bad it's unusable on the PS3. The video quality is awful too. But that largely comes down to Sony's dopey strategy of making people use the rubbish web browser instead of building native apps.

    If the Xbox starts having decent implementations of Aussie VOD services like iView, I might even pick one of the cheaper ones up just for that.

      I can't comment on the ABC app, but I have been using the SBS On Demand app for a couple of weeks now, and I must say, it is fantastic.... perfect. The app is simple to use with either voice commands, or hand gestures with Kinect. Video quality is excellent, and the UI is just all-over well designed. From the screenshots I've seen of iView, it looks almost identical to the SBS app, as it's built on the now-common Metro UI like the rest of the Xbox dashboard.
      Microsoft have really outdone themselves with their latest wave of updates and innovations to the Xbox. It really makes it a worthwhile investment, especially for those who were early adopters of the hardware.

    Yes! used it quickly this morning and its miles better than the PS3 version SBS

    Is content Unmetered?
    Or is it metered like the iOS and TV App services?

      Sadly from my investigations it appears to be metered...
      Makes the concept far less attractive.

    I suggest that Lifehacker do a round-up of which of these services is unmetered on which ISPs. Free video isn't really free once you hit your download cap.

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