Optus Increases Caps On Most Home Broadband Plans

Optus Increases Caps On Most Home Broadband Plans

The big rush on announcing terabyte-per-month broadband plans was back in September, so Optus is a little late to the party. But as well as introducing a one-terabyte deal, it has increased the total data allowances on most of its home plans.

On the Fusion 99 plan (which includes broadband and unlimited STD and local calls), data allowances have risen from 15GB to 500GB. The same 500GB limit also applies to the Fusion 109 plan, which formerly offered 30GB. The new Fusion 129 bundle includes 1000GB of data, STD, national and Australian mobile calls. A 500GB limit now applies to Optus’ standard and naked broadband plans, which cost $69.99 and $79.99 a month respectively. Optus counts both downloads and uploads in its quotas, and shapes connections to 256Kbps once you reach your limit. Existing customers of those plans will be automatically upgraded.

Increasing allowances is welcome, even if it’s late in the cycle. Fancy the sound of these new deals? Still prefer your current ISP? Tell us in the comments.



  • I am on the Optus $129 Fusion plan and received the email last week upgrading me to the terabyte plan. I had recently upgraded from the Optus $99 plan, purely for the increased data plan (20GB to 50GB). Will try and see if I can downgrade back to the $99 plan as 500GB is plenty.

  • I was on the $99 plan with 20Gb a month and unlimited calls to all phones. I saw an offer to NEW customers to have 50Gb and unlimited calls to ALL phones for $129. [They were about to limit my plan to Optus mobiles only.] I phoned them and they agreed to let me have same deal for $99. Now it has been upgraded to 1000Gb – still for $99.
    It pays to talk to them!!

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