Optus Launches New Broadband/Phone-Only Plans

Optus has launched a new range of fixed broadband and phone landline plans that do not require the bundling of additional services. The new plans start at $55 and $22 per month respectively, with additional discounts for Optus Mobile customers.

Optus' "naked" broadband plans start at $55 per month for 50GB of data (plus a $90 connection/delivery fee). You can also opt for $75, $85 and $100 plans which come with 120GB, 300GB and 500GB per month, respectively. This saves you between $10 and $40 per month compared to Optus' equivalent bundled plans.

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The phone-only plans, meanwhile, start at $22 a month for a minimum total spend of $528 over 24 months. Optus is also offering a $60 fixed phone plan which comes with unlimited standard national and mobile calls (minimum total cost is $1,440 over 24 months). A $45 plan rounds out the new offerings: it too comes with unlimited calls to local and national numbers but not mobile (with the exception of Optus Mobile customers).

If you have a post-paid Optus mobile on a $30 monthly plan or above, you can also get 10 per cent off the above plans each month.


    the 500G costs the same as my current Telstra 500G plan (phone rental includes)

      How the hell are you gettin' 500GB a month with Telstra for that price? The cheapest they offer bundled on a 24 month plan (only line rental included) is about 110 bucks, by itself it's 120 bucks and it's about 130 with unlimited national calls.. We pay 90 a month for 200GB with just line rental from them.

    I'm paying $89 for 500gb on Telstra cable, 30mbps down 1mbps up. Couldn't be bothered waiting for the nbn and ADSL is terrible in my area. No phone rental though.

    Yet I'm on a 2 year old $65 120gb plan that includes line rental. And as a mobile customer I get an additional 25% off. So it equates to roughly $50. Seems these plans are getting more expensive over time.

      Well they screwed me over one then, I had to reduce to 90GB a month just to be able
      to pay $75. That's Optus for you. Reliable internet, poor customer service.

    i miss my cable :( had 30/1 and bought new house, now stuck on ADSL2 on overcrowded SHAM exchange with bigpond and lucky to see 10/1.

    I signed up to their 300gb plan not that long ago, are you telling me if I have a mobile plan with optus (which I do) I'll get a discount?

    I got optus 500 gb cable with high speed 100 mbps speed, only $ 80 per month . but no phones included .
    Cable is reliable and is the best i reckon . :)

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