Telstra’s Froyo Desire Update: Who Knows?

Telstra’s Froyo Desire Update: Who Knows?

There’s only two things we can say with certainty about Telstra’s “official” Froyo update for the HTC Desire: it’s already overdue, and no one at Telstra seems to know yet when and how it will be delivered.

As we reported yesterday, Telstra missed its own self-imposed one-month deadline for the update and then announced via Twitter that the update was too large for an over-the-air update. But then the plot thickened again, with a Telstra media manager tweeting that a final decision on whether the update would be delivered over-the-air wouldn’t come until closer to release time. And nobody wants to say when release time will be, presumably from having been burned on the topic several times before.

At this stage, ignoring the official channels and going with CyanogenMod is looking better than ever.


  • This is no surprise to me at all. 3/Vodafone have (apparently) decided not to upgrade HTC Magics to 1.6 even though pretty much every other carrier in the world has done so. Expect more and more of this for Android.

    • Exactly. Phone updates need to come from the phone maker, not the carrier. Telstra has no business or commercial interest in supplying free upgrades once you have bought a phone from them.

      • They clearly have a commercial interest, and that’s the problem. They can’t help but keep their fingers out of the pie, or their cooks out of the broth.

        I agree, the update should come from HTC.

    • But that’s also a bad point, you NEED iTunes.

      I’d rather wait for updates than be required to use iTunes to do anything to my phone.

      While I do find it irritating that updates are carrier specific on Android, I am reasonably patient.

    • And by superior you mean restricted yeah?

      I rooted and flashed a custom rom on my phone within 2 hours of getting it. Had Froyo before it was released, updated to the “official” version when it came out and have had up-to-date ROMs available to use to this day.

  • I dont understand the frustration… If Telstra or your telco arent releasing an Android update in your desired time frame, then go and find a copy for your model phone and download it.

    I had the Galaxy S for about 5 minutes before doing exactly that with 2.2…so now I’m officially over people complaining about new Android releases being late, because it isnt hard to avoid. It took less time to install than it did to read this message….so go remember why you went to an Opensource phone OS in the first place. Get some control back over the devices you pay good money for. If you are gonna wait around for some company to tell you what you can and cannot install and what around for updates that have been out for weeks (then whinge about it), go back to Apple.

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