3.5 Million Australians Now Using Wireless Broadband

3.5 Million Australians Now Using Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband certainly has its challenges, but it’s proving increasingly popular. According to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as of June 2010 3.5 million Australians were using wireless broadband, but we’re not dragging a lot of data down on those connections.

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That number has gone up by almost 21.7% since December 2009. In total, there are 9.6 million active Internet subscribers in Australia. DSL continues to dominate with 4.2 million users, but at this rate mobile broadband almost looks like becoming the norm. (That said, the statistics don’t identify people who have both wired and wireless connections, which I’m guessing is a fair proportion of the total.)

The other notable figure in the data is the contrast in data downloaded on different networks. While DSL was responsible for almost 142,000TB over a three-month period, wireless broadband users consumed less than 10% of that number, with 13,330TB in the same time frame.

Those numbers also demonstrate that not terribly many people will find a 1TB download plan useful. The total amount of data downloaded in a month by those 9.6 million Australians was just over 155,000TB, meaning the average per user was just 5GB. That’s another reason to estimate your usage needs carefully so you don’t pay too much.

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  • I love Aussies. Everyones anti-nuclear but somehow it’s ok to transfer Gigabytes of data around your home, you suburb and your country. She be right mate….. What do you think radiation is?
    Wireless communication like this is to me scarier than all the coal burning and nuclear power generators put togther.

  • Clearly the reason that 3G users don’t download as much is because they either only use it while they are away from home, or like me who is stuck using it at home, the biggest plan I can get is 10GB/month….I would love to download so much more than that..but I just cant.

  • Same here Pyta, no ADSL for me either. I pay $50 per month for 3GB. If I had ADSL I would use 10 times that amount and more. The biggest problem I have is congestion, in a ‘non ADSL’ area everyone has Wireless and sometimes theres no bandwidth left. I used Speedtest.net the other night(peak time) and got 8kb down, okb up and a ping of 24000. Pathetic.

  • Robbo, clearly your a supporter of a NBN & not a intermediate Wireless solution. =o )

    I’ll also add that most people ignore the fact that updates chew up to a GB a month per computer depending on what you use. (anti-virus, windows, firefox, plug-ins, itunes, chrome, etc)
    some are small (under 1 MB) each time and others are much larger (~15MB for firefox update) iTunes is about 80MB download for the installer last I checked.

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