Telstra Wireless Broadband Now Has 1.3 Million Subscribers

We often make the point that Telstra's Next G wireless broadband has great coverage but a high price tag. That doesn't seem to be putting people off — Telstra's latest results say that it now has 1.3 million wireless broadband customers, a rise of 300,000 users in just six months. With that kind of growth, a price cut in the near future doesn't seem likely, despite increasing pressure on mobile broadband costs. [Telstra]


    I wouldn't mind getting $39million per month - that is if everyone is on the $29.95 plan.

    Telstra have done such a good job. We are in a small country town that doesn't have hard wired broadband to our house. Our only other viable option is Telstra. They have reliable 3G coverage. If all of rural victoria is stiched up as well as us Telstra has it made. If one other company could offer us anything like relaible competition on broad band I would take it.

      i think your kat somebody could make a killing providing decent internet services to us country kids

    I have a 5MB browsing pack on my phone so I can look things up on Evernote occasionally. Are they counting me as a wireless broadband customer? If so, that number is much less impressive.

      Don't think so -- the number was quoted as data card customers.

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