Australians Love Wireless Broadband, But Don’t Use It For Big Downloads

Australians Love Wireless Broadband, But Don’t Use It For Big Downloads

New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm what we knew: we’re keen on mobile broadband devices, but when it comes to major downloads, we’re all about fixed broadband.

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In the three months to December 2014, there were 6 million mobile broadband subscriptions in Australia, compared to 5 million DSL subscriptions and roughly another 1.2 million cable and fibre connections. So call it a draw.

But in terms of data, there’s no contest. Australians collectively downloaded 1.1 million terabytes in those three months. 97 per cent of that data came through fixed-line broadband. The lesson? Wireless is handy, but it shows no signs of killing off wired connections.



  • Of course we don’t use wireless for large downloads. Have you seen how much they cost if you go over your cap? The cap itself is also small compared to unlimited/1TB caps

  • Do you think that’s perhaps because wireless and mobile data is still prohibitively expensive?

    • There are a lot of lessons in this. Another one is “The ABS is great at figuring out the obvious much later than people not trained in statistics”

  • Great if you can get broadband. Where I live the only internet access is 3G.

  • What a stupid pointless survey. This is the EXACT reason why nothing ever gets done.. They can’t distinguish the real data from the fake data.. and then they take stupid pointless surveys like this. 100% of the people who use the service know the reason why… overpriced data that no one wants to pay for cuz telco’s see a way to get blood out of a stone… but the government or whoever can’t seem to figure out.. go guys!!!

    *shakes head*

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