ElectionLeaflets.org.au Tracks Leaflets For Every Electorate

ElectionLeaflets.org.au Tracks Leaflets For Every Electorate

Being on Twitter may be a pre-requisite for aspiring politicians these days, but much campaigning still takes place via old-fashioned mailbox drops. ElectionLeaflets.org.au is aiming to collect scans of all the leaflets used in the 2010 election, keeping a check on whether any parties make unwarranted or dodgy claims.

As well as accepting submissions, you can search by postcode or electorate for existing leaflets, or search across topics or parties. You can even embed the leaflets for a given electorate in your own site. It’s a neat idea (built with open source code)for bringing old-fashioned electoral campaigning under the scrutiny of the online community.



  • In addition to accepting scans and photos, they have a post box if you would like to send them things that way instead.

    This is a project done by some of the awesome people at Open Australia. Who also have geographical alerts for development applications (complete with integration with layar) and all sorts of other awesome stuff. Well worth a look.

  • Wow, how about that, I open this page and it’s my local electorate that is featured! I got those leaflets in my mailbox just a couple of days ago.

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