ElectionLeaflets.Org.Au Back For 2013 Campaign

ElectionLeaflets.Org.Au Back For 2013 Campaign

There’s going to be an Australian federal government election on September 14 (you may have heard). One of our favourite online resources at the last election was ElectionLeaflets.org.au, which collected together scans of the leaflets sent out by every candidate and party it could find, so we’re pleased to see it has been reactivated this year.

While we’ll hear a lot this year about the role of Twitter and Facebook in campaigning, candidates haven’t yet given up on printed material. Locally-distributed brochures sometimes make outlandlish claims that wouldn’t survive five minutes in the heat of online scrutiny, which makes the site interesting reading no matter what your political viewpoint.

The site relies on contributions from volunteers, so if you find yourself bombarded with pleas from your local candidates, share the welath.

ElectionLeaflets.org.au [via Mumbrella]

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