election 2010

  • How Fibre Networks Can Increase Speed Really Quickly

    Tony Abbott has said he thinks it is “hugely implausible” that the speeds on the National Broadband Network could easily increase by a factor of 10 to the 1 gigabit per second maximum speed now being claimed by the NBN. For his benefit (and the benefit of confused voters), we’re here to explain in simple…

  • What Do You Think Of Coalition Broadband Policy?

    We already knew that the Coalition was opposed to the NBN, but today it spelled out its alternative vision: essentially, spending a lot less money and leaving the job of offering increased speeds to the commercial sector. Is that enough to ensure that we’ll get decent broadband in the future?

  • Why Telstra’s $18 Million Fine Is An Election Issue

    The dominant technology issue of the election so far has been internet filtering. However, an $18 million fine imposed on Telstra is a reminder that Labor and Liberal parties both have very different views of the telecommunications industry, particularly on whether we need the National Broadband Network.

  • Making Your Senate Vote Count Against The Filter

    Thinking of voting for the Greens but don’t want any preferences flowing to pro-cenosrship minister Senator Stephen Conroy? As part of its ongoing Fight The Filter campaign, Gizmodo has a comprehensive explanation of why voting for the Greens above the line in the Victorian senate won’t see any of your preferences directed his way in…