Android Phone Deals In Australia Appearing At Breakneck Speed

Android Phone Deals In Australia Appearing At Breakneck Speed

Vodafone’s release of the Nexus One appears to have inspired a mini-tsunami of new Android deals, with Telstra dropping Desire pricing and Optus getting ready to bring the Milestone (otherwise known as the Droid) out in Australia.

Nick at Gizmodo is often our go-to guy for new Android announcements, and he’s all over these ones. The Milestone will go on sale through Optus next week, with no up-front charge if you sign up for a $49 plan for 24 months. Given that my biggest objection to Android so far is the lack of a physical keyboard, the appearance of the Milestone is a welcome move.

Perhaps coincidentally, Telstra is now applying exactly the same pricing to the Desire, which is also now available for $0 if you sign up to a $49 plan. Previously, the cheapest desire deal was $60 a month.

Between these new announcements and the recent Galaxy S and LG Optimus rollouts, we may well have to revisit and update our Android phone guide somewhat sooner than we thought.

Motorola Droid Finally Landing In Australia As The Milestone [Gizmodo]

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