Optus To Sell Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone

It's been a good week for Android phones down under. Just days after Telstra rolled out the LG Optimus, Optus has added the Samsung Galaxy S to its range.

Optus will sell the Samsung phone from July 1, and will have an exclusive on the phone for the first month. Running Android 2.1 and with the Swype keyboard integrated as standard, the phone will cost $849 outright, or $59 a month on Optus' "social plan". As our table of existing Android plans shows, that's slap-bang in the middle of Optus' existing price range.


    "the phone will cost $ outright"

    Good to know that. I am tired of business that want shells, or livestock in exchange for goods and services.

      D'oh! Fixed now. Pity $ wasn't the real price though.

    Gave this thing a whirl at an exhibition last weekend, and it seemed a decent phone (with all the expertise I don't have). Colour me tempted, but not tempted enough to go back to Optus.

    Well if you want to buy outright head straight to clove.co.uk and but the phone there for around $608 AUD which is cheaper than Optus outright deal.

    Nice... android is really starting to pick up a lot of momentum now in Australia which is great. This is an incredible phone and would make most users extremely happy. I'd love to see the keyboard variant released soon too.

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