Telstra Adds LG Optimus To Android Range

We've only just finished our roundup of Android phones in Australia, but new models continue appearing to satisfy the Android-hungry masses. Telstra will begin selling the LG Optimus from July 1.

Telstra will offer the Optimus on its $49 cap plan, which makes it the cheapest Android phone currently offered by the carrier, though the data allowance of 200MB is a bit measly. If you don't want a 24-month contract, you can also buy it outright for $504. Telstra initially has an exclusive on the phone, though it may appear with other carriers eventually.

Tempted by the Optimus? Rather have a Desire? Rather have an iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments.


    When is Telstra/and suppliers going to launch a Android Next G phone with an external aerial jack? I use a Next G phone because of the superior coverage issue. I have a phone with an external aerial jack because often it is necessary in place where coverage is still pretty patching. HOWEVER, I am stuck using cheap as phones,(ie cheap ZTEs) which are, unfortunately one of the few phones available where direct coupling aerials are still possible.. PLEASE TELSRA-- fix this problem, and I'll upgrade.. otherwise..anawesome phone, isn't really that awesome. Android on next G, with External aerial Coupling-- KILLER DEVISE--(RANT COMPLETE)

    Neither, rather wait for the Nokia N8.

    Waiting for iPhone 4 and pay the difference on a $49 Cap with extra 1gig data. I don't ring many people.

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