Telstra Adds LG Optimus To Android Range

Telstra Adds LG Optimus To Android Range

Telstra Adds LG Optimus To Android RangeWe’ve only just finished our roundup of Android phones in Australia, but new models continue appearing to satisfy the Android-hungry masses. Telstra will begin selling the LG Optimus from July 1.

Telstra will offer the Optimus on its $49 cap plan, which makes it the cheapest Android phone currently offered by the carrier, though the data allowance of 200MB is a bit measly. If you don’t want a 24-month contract, you can also buy it outright for $504. Telstra initially has an exclusive on the phone, though it may appear with other carriers eventually.

Tempted by the Optimus? Rather have a Desire? Rather have an iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments.


  • When is Telstra/and suppliers going to launch a Android Next G phone with an external aerial jack? I use a Next G phone because of the superior coverage issue. I have a phone with an external aerial jack because often it is necessary in place where coverage is still pretty patching. HOWEVER, I am stuck using cheap as phones,(ie cheap ZTEs) which are, unfortunately one of the few phones available where direct coupling aerials are still possible.. PLEASE TELSRA– fix this problem, and I’ll upgrade.. otherwise..anawesome phone, isn’t really that awesome. Android on next G, with External aerial Coupling– KILLER DEVISE–(RANT COMPLETE)

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