Vodafone Begins Selling Nexus One Today

Vodafone Begins Selling Nexus One Today

As we anticipated over the weekend, Vodafone will begin selling the Nexus One from today. In a move echoing its original release in the US, it’s only going to be available online.

Vodafone has said stocks will be limited, and as such is only selling the Nexus One on its $79 a month, two-year contract. There are lots of other Android options out there, so given the carrier tie in, this is one to consider carefully, no matter how much you love Android.



  • There’s some marketing tactics going on with in this country that’s choking uptake of the Android OS – perhaps it’s the telcos riding the novelty factor.

    HTC decided on that stupid exclusivity agreement extended with Telstra meaning the Desire is on an extortionate contract and there is little point buying it outright for use on another network when the phone uses 850MHz. Despite their void-warranty scare tactics, I ended up importing mine from the UK. Many others did too, which negatively distorts the uptake numbers in Aus.

    Now we have Vodafone offering a similar expensive contract without the option to buy it outright. I’d love to get the Nexus One for my wife, but the OEMs aren’t doing Android uptake any favours in Australia by allowing such restrictions through a single outlet.

  • It’s a great phone, and glad to see it in Aus, but this is a ripoff. At this cost, it’s definitely still worth importing: I got an N1 imported from Singapore for about $600, on the 3 $29 cap + $10 2Gb data plan it’s $400+ cheaper over 2 years (and avoids any Vodaphone lock in or crapware).

  • As of 8pm on the 1st of July, it’s still not available to buy. I rang them up and they said that they were trying to get it online.. or something…

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