Telstra Promises Better Complaint Resolution, Weekend Service

Telstra Promises Better Complaint Resolution, Weekend Service

Telstra might have a pretty nifty 3G network, but when it comes to customer service, the company is an exemplar of how telcos are happy to take your money but slow to back it up with any actual service. The phone giant is now promising to do better, offering easier access to complaints resolution and weekend service for installing and fixing telephone and Internet services.

If you need to ring Telstra and complain about an earlier issue not being resolved — a not uncommon scenario in my own experience — you’ll now be able to say ‘complaint’ to the automated phone system, rather than navigating a ridiculous series of poorly-programmed voice menus. Telstra will also trial a callback service for customers stuck in long queues (something long on offer from many other ISPs), though the press release announcing this is hazy on details of when and how it will happen.

The weekend service option will only be available in capital cities and a handful of regional areas. My own experience of weekend installations by Telstra for TV-related services suggests that the times you get offered will also bear very little relation to reality. That said, any attempt to enhance customer service is welcome.

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  • Telstra is wonderful at snatching disaster from the jaws of success. I had a direct debit set up for my mobile account while I was overseas to keep my number alive. After 6 months they simply stopped debiting my account and when the bill had risen to the princely sum of $60 handed it over to a debt collection agency. No attempt to contact me via the email address or alternate numbers they held for my account.

    Telstra needs to
    1) provide logging receipts for work booked over the internet, which are emailed to the requester.
    2) stop booking work in for mornings when they don’t even issue the jobs till the afternoon after the appointment!
    3) stop claiming that they have insufficient staff to handle backlogs when the freelance techs they share with other telcos are not being used.

    Remember to make your own log of all contacts with Telstra over any work. In an attempt to get my home line set up, I was directed through about 17 departments in the course of a single day (I covered my home office white board with them), escalated repeatedly and still no one showed up. Three weekday appointments later, no one had shown up. I missed three paid days of work.

    I was able to go straight to the TIO with the list of numbers, departments and people I had spoken to.

    Even then Telstra tried to make unsatisfactory recompense, and I refused to back down until they had compensated me for every dollar I had lost. I even logged all the hours talking to Telstra subsequently and claimed that. Eventually it got more expensive for Telstra’s complaint resolution people to NOT pay me than to pay me to go away.

  • And if you believe that will make any difference to their complaints handling, then you probably believe every other lie Telstra has told you!

  • the weekend tech visits are contrators where they are required to work 3 saturday and two sundays a month for no extra than any other day and will get 1 or 2 jobs ,the weekend option is only available where contractors do the work so telstra dosen’t have to pay penatlies to there techs ,the weekend appointments were in back in the 1980’s where you could work as many weekends as you liked,

  • I am writing in regards to my worst experience of customer service with Telstra reps till now. I have moved property and requested Telstra to move my number with me. One big mistake that I did there. I should have disconnected it. Anyways Telstra advised me after 15 mins hold that its all done. I was surprised and happy but thanked Telstra. But I did’t know its not been done and phone line still has no dialtone. Since 13 July, I have logged fault with Telstra and almost everyday, I have to call telstra to chase this up. Sometime 2 – 3 times a day. Telstra advised me on first two occasions that they have fixed the fault by sending reps (who fixed the grid) whereas still no dialtone. Then after that Telstra admitted fault in line outside my premises and advised they will fix it but also send me SMS on 2 different days that case has been resolved. I have to call again to advise that its not. Telstra reps admitted that they sent it but do not have any explanation why they sent SMS. On many occasions, Telsra reps put my call on hold for more than 30 – 45 mins. And even on many instances they just simply hang up on me. Then I have to call again and to be on hold for another 30 – 40 mins. After calling million of times Telstra reps woke up and finally bothered to ask me a ONE BIG SILLY QUESTION, “WHY DO YOU NEED THIS PHONELINE” ? Anyways, I do not see any charm in keeping Telsra line if I am having such difficulty but I told them I need it for TPG internet. I have paid around $50 – $60 to TPG to move my Internet to new address on this number and I am also paying them monthly while I have no Internet due to Telsra phone line fault. Also I am wasting my time and money on phone calls everyday to check the Status. Telsra reps do not bother to call back and keep you updated. They do bother to keep you on hold for 30 – 40 mins so that they can do personal chores and then finally they do hang up on you because they do not have any respect for customers. And if you try to explain this all to someone in Telstra management, they laugh and said really someone did hangup on you. Wow what a customer service Tesltra have. This is not the first time, I have experienced this. Since they started hanging up and keeping me on hold, I kept asking them that I want to provide feedback as no one seems to care. Finally after 1 month Telstra advised me tentative date to fix issue as 23rd of September 2011.

    Now to cut the long story short, to me Telstra Customer Service is worst service of the world and I guess Telstra treat customers as dust. Even a Hawker on road cares much more about his customers than Telstra. I did not ask Telstra to invent something that they need some sort of rocket science to solve this fault. What I simply ask is a phone line in the world of satellites. Telstra thinks that fault is out of this world and can’t be fixed or customer needs to wait till new era of mankind to get it fixed.

    I requested Telstra reps to email me a feedback form as well. I will try my best to share my this experience till the doomsday so that I could tell almost every human and all species of this universe that what Telstra customer service is and personally I do not recommend anyone to have Telstra because of my this experience.

    1st reference number: 6863046
    2nd reference number: 140924519
    3rd reference number: SRI_70849661651

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