Primus offers shaping for mobile broadband

One of the big disincentives to signing up to mobile broadband services — especially as your main means of Internet access — is the excess data charges you face when you go over the limit. Primus has just introduced two plans that eliminate data limits in favour of ‘shaping’ your connection down to a 64Kbps speed. That’s a familiar model in ADSL, but hasn’t been much used in wireless broadband before. Primus is offering a $49.95 a month plan which is shaped after 6GB and a $79.95 plan which drops after 12GB; for both, you need to sign up for two years and get an access speed of up to 3.6Mbps (via the Optus network). Would a shaped wireless broadband plan appeal to you, or would the lack of speed drive you mad at the end of each month? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • What a brilliant idea. Why has this not been done before in Australia. Its unfortunate that the optus network would be providing the service. 6 gig wireless for a fifty p/m aint bad though. Burning question, how far can you go over once your shaped?

  • I am very impressed by this option, and would seriously consider it if my download needs were not so big! It would be interesting to see on which frequencies the 3G dongle will work. If it works with both the 900 and 2100 mhz, then bring it, they will have people coming by the droves. if not, take up may be a bit more slow.

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