Don’t Forget Doctor Who’s iView Debut Tonight

Don’t Forget Doctor Who’s iView Debut Tonight

A quick reminder that the first appearance by Matt Smith as Doctor Who shows up on the ABC’s iView site at midnight tonight — two days before its broadcast on ABC1. While I’m sure fans hit Channel BT for the episode when it debuted in the UK a fortnight ago, it’s still a handy milestone in online TV. [iView]


  • Pah. Still takes WAY TOO LONG from the UK to Australia.

    “Unofficial copies” however bend time like a TARDIS.

    Solution ABC?

    Talk to the BBC about same day or next day airing, even via iView alone.
    (How hard is it to transfer final copies of a show from secure server to secure server in this day and age?!)

    This will reduce “unofficial copies” by a GREAT factor.

  • @The Master, it probably costs way too much for the ABC to do that. I didn’t actually mind waiting this long for the new series, it gave me a chance to go and watch the previous 4.

  • Awesome. And the massive compression and unwatchable macro-blocking are added for free. I got 6-7 minutes in and gave up. Am now downloading the 720p version even though I get iView data for free on my ISP, and have to “pay” for the watchable version.

    I applaud BBC and ABC for making the effort. It’s so close, yet so far away. One day…

  • I was thinking about watching it on ABC Sunday night (even though I’ve seen an “unofficial” copy at least 6 times) because it’s in HD. But then I remembered that I’d be sitting around with my family and friends at our weekly Doctor viewing watching episode 3!

  • Its such a fantastic step in the right direction, but it still doesn’t mean anything. If I know how to use a computer well enough to use iView and am comfortable enough watching TV on one, there’s a very high chance I’ll already have downloaded it when it came out. What’s more, streaming doesn’t allow you to store the episode to watch again later. you have to use up part of your quota every time you watch it. The third episode is going to be out in 6 hours so anyone who’s computer literate and a fan doesn’t really have any reason to be excited about this.

  • Can anyone tell me why they need new Doctor Who, like, NOW? Is it insulting that you only have to wait a couple of weeks now, instead of the previous wait of months?

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