YouTube Video Speed History Rates Your ISP

YouTube Video Speed History Rates Your ISP

Few apps test the efficiency of your net connection like streaming video. YouTube’s Video Speed History feature tells you how well your ISP stacks up.

The page tells you the average speed for connections from your ISP, your region and worldwide, which means it won’t necessarily be a good representation of your own experience, but it’s an interesting figure nonetheless. There’s also a chart showing how that speed has changed over time. Globally, the average speed is 2.9Mbps.

You can only see speed stats for the connection you’re currently using — which means, as I’m in the US right now, I can’t see how my Australian ISP rates. Tell us how your connection does (and if you think it’s acceptable) in the comments.

YouTube Video Speed History [via Google Operating System]


  • Streaming YouTube has always been slow for me (ADSL2+ with TPG) but now that there is more and more HD content there, I’ve started to change my habits and use Firefox plugins to download the video file itself. A download manager that splits the file into four streams has quadrupled the download speed for me. eg instead of downloading at 150kb/s, it downloads at 600kb/s. Obviously YMMV, but it’s something to consider for longer or higher quality videos.

  • I got “Your average video speed at this location from January 17, 2010 to February 15, 2010 was 1.18 Mbps.” Which I think is pretty good on a 1500/256 kbps connection. I’m happy with it anyway, youtube doesn’t buffer often and when it does I just pause and wait a minute or two until its loaded a bit.

    I can see how the speed comparison graphs are a bit misleading. It puts me a fair bit below my ISP average and -well- below the state level, which irked me a bit until I remembered that I am on a slower ADSL1 connection (sucks to be regional!) compared to most people who are on ADSL2 these days which would probably raise the average.

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