Twitter Local Trends Ignores Australia

Twitter has added the capability to restrict its list of trending topics to a specific country or city, a useful way of dodging its generally US-centric content. Unfortunately, despite Twitter's popularity down under, Australia isn't yet on the list; a note says Twitter is working on other countries, but given the slow rate at which we've got other Twitter features like SMS support, I'm not holding my breath.


    I was just complaining about this on twitter myself! We always miss out on the good stuff.

    uh, you must of missed Happy Australia Day as a trending topic on Twitter yesterday.

    Twitter has been working on separating out local trends for a while now. I'm positive Australia as well as other countries that are avid Twitter users (Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Germany, South Africa, etc.) will get their own localized Trending Topics soon.

    When you do, please come to and help supply definitions for local trends that others might not know about.

    You can view what's happening here.

    You will also find at the bottom of each page, it will link you to a google map with trends in your area.

    Sucks Twitter haven't done it yet but here is an alternative for now.

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