Twitter Promises Two-Way SMS For Australia

twitter.gifWhile Australian users of Twitter can send updates via SMS if they're prepared to pay for a text to the UK, there's currently no option for receiving updates the same way. However, in a post discussing a recent deal allowing Twitter updates to be by Canadian users, Twitter also promises that Australia is in the running for a similar service:

Stay tuned for more support all over the globe as we make progress. And fear not Australia—you're on the list too!

How long it will take is anyone's guess. No doubt the big issue is that Aussies receive texts at no charge, unlike US plans where the recipient typically pays (so if a deal does go ahead, it will almost certainly be single-network and very possibly tied to a particular plan).


    Rather than wait for the "official" Twitter SMS to come back I use TwitSMS now and it seems to work well.

    A SMS or TXT to the UK is 25c like all SMS's through Most Carriers, But double check as some even want to charge for VoIP DATA calls with mobile rates.

    For the record - I use twitsms as well (No, I don't work for them).

    It actually gives me better control than I had over sms using twitter's sms service.

    I know not everyone has more advanced phones, but on iphone and surely on winmo and android you can get a full blown app and send and receive via the mobile net rather than via SMS and skip the 50-75c per to the UK? I use a twitter app on the iPhone.

    Yes, if you've got the mobile net you've got many more options -- but not everyone has. Even people who do sometimes end up stuck with GPRS, which kills many on-deck applications. Hence the demand for text.

    Can someone please tell me the exact number I put in my mobile to send updates to Twitter from Australia. I have tried varied versions using the country code but still haven't mastered it.

    +447624801423. The plus sign is important. Bear in mind you'll be charged whatever rate is set for international texts on your phone plan.

    For sending Tweets via local SMS in Australia, you can use Chime (, which is free

    Hi, now with the new service under, we can update Twitter via local Australian number, (+61)0424660731, as well. We are developing a two-way SMS updates for all Australian Twitterer as well. Stay tune.

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