Twitter Finally Offers Australian Trends

It's been promised for most of the year, but Twitter has finally added Australian trends to its site, letting you see the main trending topics for Aussie users rather than on a worldwide basis.

To enable the option, click on the 'Change' button under the Trends list on the middle column, click on Australia in the pop-up box and then close it. (FWIW Twitter, a button saying 'Save Changes' would be better interface design.) Having local trends is welcome, since the worldwide list often simply equates to "what's on US TV right now".


    Shameless plug but Trendsmap* has much more detail on local, national and global trends - including trending links, videos and photos. Eg: Melbourne (which Twitter has ignored). Also we've accounts to follow (eg.!/TrendsSydney) so you'll never miss what's happening or happened!

    *Proudly made in Australia

    How do you get Aussie trends on Twitter for iPhone?

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