1 In 50 Twitter Users Is Australian

You don't have to look further than the trending topics on Twitter to work out the service is dominated by Americans. However, Australia turns out to be a pretty large part of the Twittersphere, ranking at number 7 on the list of countries using Twitter and account for 2.39% of all active Twitter users.

We've made the case for why Twitter is useful, but given Australia's prominence, what is surprising is how long it has taken for features like SMS updates to become available. With that said, Australia has actually slipped down the rankings since the previous study, as more populous countries like Brazil and Germany become more Twitter-obsessed. Thanks Elly!

Sysomos [via Mashable]


    Twitter is quite versatile .. take for instance the #nocleanfeed movement as a way of protesting internet censorship ... http://www.internetblackout.com.au/

    I have noticed over the years that Australians are often one of the first early adopters of emerging social networking sites. I remember YouTube back in it's infancy had a lot of fairly popular Australian users, I don't know how they're fairing now after all these years but it's interesting to note...

      Hopefully that means that Australia will be one of the first countries to figure out what a waste of time and bytes Twitter is.
      If someone is actually interested in what you are doing, they'll probably talk to / email you.

        As we've pointed out on lifehacker before, Twitter is useful for rather more than that:


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