What We Like On iView

What We Like On iView

The ABC’s iView puts the commercial networks to shame when it comes to TV on demand, and it turns out we like it a lot. Since April this year, 6.2 million programs have been viewed on the service, but which ones are the most popular?

With 610,000 visits in an average month, there’s bound to be a lot of choices, but some programs do stand out. According to the ABC, the most popular programs on the service this year have been Four Corners, United States of Tara, Good Game, Doctor Who, The Chaser’s War On Everything and Media Watch. Some of those are unsurprising — Good Game’s audience is clearly tech-savvy — but others would seem to have benefited from word of mouth. At least the Doctor Who viewers won’t be expecting high definition.

While streaming iView is generally the most bandwidth-friendly way to access ABC programs, downloading vodcasts is also popular. That list is also dominated by Good Game (902,000 downloads this year), followed by Media Watch (869,000) and triple jtv (825,000).

What are your own iView favourites and guilty pleasures? Tell us in the comments.


  • I watched all of United States of Tara on iview but I also use it to catch up on the shows I miss, like Being Erica. I also watch shows like At the Movies, First Tuesday Book Club, Good Game etc that are on when other things I want to watch are on.

  • ABC are pretty good in some regards, but shocking in others…

    their internet streaming of their radio stations is a mishmash of asx, mp3 and …. real audio!! wtf?

    plus, the large collection of abc podcasts are *not* bundled together in an OPML feed – which they clearly should.

    And their mobile web “apps”/pages don’t have any live media, not even internet radio streaming links.

    so they’re doing a good job with iview, but shocking in other areas. come on aunty, we expect a heck of a lot more from you than we do the other stations (not evening mentioning foxtel here).

  • Can anyone provide a rough estimate of how much bandwidth would be used when streaming say a 30min program?

    I’ve been reluctant to use iview out of fear that it will chew up a big portion of my 20gig per month

    • iView provides an estimate on the link for each program. As an example, the current 15 minute episode of Doctor Who Confidential takes up about 75MB.

  • My faves while watching iview have been…
    United states of Tara, Doctor Who, Torchwood, No Heroics, Lost in Austen, Billable Hours, How not to live your life, Hyperdrive, Grand Designs, Time Team… And many more i cannot think of right now.

  • My ISP gives me unmetered downloads for iView so it’s penalty-free viewing for me to sit there and stream away as much as I can stand.

    I wish they had more doco’s, and science shows.
    I think eventually iView will become a channel all on it’s own with iView Only shows appearing. Stuff that wasn’t “good” enough for “real” TV on ABC1 or ABC2. But still has a niche audince online. I hope so anyway.

    FWIW… I’ve not owned a TV for just over three years. Got rid of it, and Foxtel, and the first couple months was a bit weird. But now I just cannot ever imagine having this zombifying mind-control “box” in my house again.

    I still watch many TV shows… the exact ones I want. Things like iView and what the BBC are doing are the way of the future… today 🙂
    At the exact times I want.

  • @ Josh.
    The average program that is just under 30mins is around 130MB. So lets say it’s near enough to 250MB per hour.
    iView is absolutely brilliant. Hats off to the ABC for paving the way. In this day and age, who wants to be a slave to a broadcasters schedule. Why should they dictate our social calendar. Wake up commercial channels and join the 21st century!

  • I’ve not had a TV for 2 years, and haven’t really missed it at all. Then I discovered Iview was unmetered with my ISP, and haven’t looked back. I watch hungry beast, good game, time team, mitchell & webb, and the einstein factor. When I want to. On my terms. The best bit? Even though I’ve exceeeded my monthly quota’s, my isp still provides full-speed access to iview.

    I don’t know why the government is so hooked on getting everyone into digital TV. This is clearly the way forward.

  • iView is brilliant, but would be even better if it made the evening news available. Many times I’ve got home just too late to watch it, and so it would be great to catch up shortly afterwards.

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