ABC Ditches HD For Doctor Who

ABC Ditches HD For Doctor Who

What’s worse than a TV program not being made in HD? A program being made in HD but then the local broadcaster decided to show the SD version. That’s what’s happening with the latest episodes of Doctor Who.

TV Tonight reports that while the special ‘The Waters Of Mars’ — the much-anticipated third-to-last appearance of David Tennant as the Doctor — was made in HD, the ABC has elected not to show that version. Instead, a slightly upscaled SD version will be broadcast on December 6 — even on the ABC’s own HD channel.

The ABC has been criticised in the past for taking its time to show new Doctor Who episodes. This time around, The Waters Of Mars is being shown within a month of its UK broadcast, but these kind of shenanigans look like yet another reason to head to Channel BT.

The (SD) Waters of Mars [TV Tonight]


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