100dates Crowdsources The Dating Process

100dates Crowdsources The Dating Process
SarahSTwitter is already the go-to source for advice on all kinds of topics, but can it really be used to enhance your love life? Interpid Twitter user (and former Lifehacker editor) Sarah Stokely is about to find out with her #100dates project.

As Sarah explains on her blog, conventional dating sites seem to encourage conformity rather than interesting personalities. So why not use social networks?

We use online networking to find just about everything these days…. restaurant recommendations… a mechanic who won’t screw you… an article which explains how to install WordPress MU, or someone to take over your lease because your flatmate moved in with her boyfriend. I trust recommendations from my network for those kinds of things… so why not for more personal things, like meeting new people?

To test that theory, Sarah is planning to go on 100 dates with people recommended via her Internet community. (What happens if guy #2 turns out to be Mr Perfect is anyone’s guess.) Think it’s a great idea? Know someone Sarah should be hitting the town with in Melbourne? Hit the post and let her know, and share your own online date-hunting strategies in the comments.


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