Twitter For iOS And Android Updates

Twitter For iOS And Android Updates

iOS/Android: Twitter updated its mobile apps for iOS and Android this week, restoring a number of features that users had complained were removed from the previous version, including the ability to copy and paste a tweet instead of strictly retweeting it, and swipe shortcuts to view, favourite and retweet.Twitter also took the wraps off of a new Android version optimised for tablets, and added a pop-up alert explaining why it needs access to your address book.

The new address book alert explains that Twitter uses your addresses to match you up with friends who may be using the service, which explains why the company wants access, but won’t silence critics who wondered why Twitter needs to upload it to their servers to find your friends.

The Android update includes the tablet-optimised version and supports Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, the Kindle Fire, the Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Each version is free and available in the relevant app stores.

Twitter Mobile App Updates for iPhone and Android [Twitter Blog via VentureBeat]


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