Reading Room Revamp Still Has Flaws

Reading Room Revamp Still Has Flaws

ReadingRoomRecs Bookworm social networking site The Reading Room has revamped itself, promising “a whole new look” and better search facilities. But does the new version fix its earlier faults?

When we first featured The Reading Room back in May, we weren’t too thrilled with the book search features, and commenters were quick to slam its buggy interface. The revamped version is said to be based on user feedback.

The concept of a social network for readers is a sensible one, but there’s still some problems. Some relatively recent titles I wanted to add were nowhere to be found, and even after completing a search the site continues to display an animated graphic that suggests it’s still searching.

As Lifehacker’s night editor Elly pointed out in a comment on our original post, the new site doesn’t offer any information about its functions on its splash page before asking you to sign up. And the community still seems fairly small (a simple measure: at the time of writing, no-one had yet listed Dan Brown‘s The Lost Symbol, which will undoubtedly be 2009’s top-selling title, on their personal shelf).

The Reading Room is free to use, requires signup. If you try it out, let us know what you think in the comments.

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