Bypass The Social Reader Apps In Facebook So Your Friends Don't Know What You're Reading

If you keep an eye on your news ticker in Facebook, you've probably had the inclination to read a story that a friend posted only to find you have to install a special application to read it. Installing that application means everyone will know everything you read, but technology blog Digital Inspiration shares a simple workaround.

As it turns out the easiest bypass is to simply hit the "Cancel" button when the app asks to be installed on your page. You'll still be taken to the article that was shared, but the app won't install or share the fact you read it on your page. Unfortunately, not all the news sites will let you do this (Yahoo for example). In this case you don't have a workaround option, but you can still install the application and change its privacy setting to "Only Me" so you're not accidentally sharing all those ridiculous celebrity gossip articles you're reading. Hit up Digital Inspiration for a full guide and a few other tips.

How to Bypass the Social Reader Apps in Facebook [Digital Inspiration]


    The other thing that one can do is to simply copy the name of the article, Google it, and read it from there.

    Works a charm, no spammy news readers either.

    I click "Accept" but also change the privacy rights of the pp so that only "me" rather than "everyone" can see the posts on my timeline.

    I normally dont bother to read the article. If i cant cancel the option then i dont read the article, they miss out on the web traffic because they clearly dont care about actually producing the content.

    Cancel button has returned me to the news feed on a few articles now. It seems they are onto us..

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