The Reading Room Is A Social Network For Book Lovers

The Reading Room Is A Social Network For Book Lovers

readingroom Fancy chatting online about books and don’t think existing social networking sites like Facebook quite cut it? The Reading Room is a social network specifically for book lovers.

Locally developed (and launched in beta this week to coincide with the Sydney Writers’ Festival), The Reading Room includes features to let you add details of your own library and rate titles you’ve read. You can track particular authors (so you receive notification when they release a new title), participate in forums, join reading groups and (inevitably) purchase books you’re interested in via Amazon.

The feature set is pretty similar to BookArmy. The add books search is a little fiddly and there’s a few beta glitches to iron out, but for serious readers this is a potentially handy tool. The Reading Room is free to use, requires signup.

The Reading Room


  • Talk about a launch failure. Already the site has become a victim of spam on its forums, the site doesn’t work properly in IE8 and there’s no way to contact the creators. I won’t be going back there for a while – they launched far too early.

    • I agree fully. The site is pretty primitive and throws sql errors everywhere. The thumbnails are bad quality and the search box doesn’t work well. It was launched too early. Librarything is heaps better

      • We probably did launch too early and we’ve been working hard since to take into account all your comments and feedback. Its been really helpful so we hope you’ll give us a second chance and check out the new site. Always up for constructive feedback and to make this site as useful as possible.

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