3G Broadband A Safer Choice Than Wi-Fi

Many people choose 3G broadband for the convenience of almost-anywhere access, but there's also another good reason to choose a mobile connection over the nearest Wi-Fi connection: security.

At the Gartner Security Summit in Sydney yesterday, analyst Robin Simpson pointed out that unlike Wi-Fi security, which is pretty easy to hack, a 3G connection is considerably more challenging:

It's a completely different proposition to hack into a cellular session than a Wi-Fi session. We think that dongles and built-in 3G are a tremendous security option.

Of course, 3G will cost you, while Wi-Fi is often free, especially if you're prepared to do a little sniffing around (or eat a Big Mac). The client software also still needs a lot of work. Nonetheless, given the security implications and the added convenience, I'm not surprised regular on-the-road users are favouring mobile broadband in ever-increasing numbers.

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    I often wondered about security with wifi. I am sure the security companies will find some way to tackle it. It will become another product/sales opp for them.

    3G radio is not completely secure, see last weeks Security Now Episode 213 - Cracking GSM but it's still safer than WiFi.

    You forgot to say how much more lag there is on 3G, its almost as bad as satellite internet, large downloads its not always so bad though, but WiFi is still usually faster in all respects.

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