3G Broadband A Safer Choice Than Wi-Fi

3G Broadband A Safer Choice Than Wi-Fi

Many people choose 3G broadband for the convenience of almost-anywhere access, but there’s also another good reason to choose a mobile connection over the nearest Wi-Fi connection: security.

At the Gartner Security Summit in Sydney yesterday, analyst Robin Simpson pointed out that unlike Wi-Fi security, which is pretty easy to hack, a 3G connection is considerably more challenging:

It’s a completely different proposition to hack into a cellular session than a Wi-Fi session. We think that dongles and built-in 3G are a tremendous security option.

Of course, 3G will cost you, while Wi-Fi is often free, especially if you’re prepared to do a little sniffing around (or eat a Big Mac). The client software also still needs a lot of work. Nonetheless, given the security implications and the added convenience, I’m not surprised regular on-the-road users are favouring mobile broadband in ever-increasing numbers.

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