No Consumer Change As Vodafone-3 Merger Approved

The ACCC has approved the Vodafone-3 merger, but both companies say it will be business as usual for the merged entities for the foreseeable future and that consumers won't notice any change.

The approval process has dragged on since February, but now that the regulator has given its blessing, the newly-official Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) intends to complete the process within two weeks. However, echoing its comments earlier this week that prices won't alter for two years, both brands are stressing that there'll be no immediate change:

VHA will continue to market products and services under the Vodafone and 3 brands and all respective network arrangements, caps and plans, retail outlets and customer service capabilities will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

As we've said before, some change might be desirable — for 3 customers wanting a broader network or Vodafone customers seeking cheaper basic monthly deals. What changes would you like to see from the merged operation? Share your ideas in the comments.


    Yay! Now I want the new iPhone with Three's plans...

    iphone available on a bundled 3 plan would be nice.
      Get a prepaid iPhone from Optus, unlock it, get a 3 iPhone plan.

        $1000+ up front.... no thanks

        I bought an iphone from vodafone got it unlocked and got a deal with three for a great 12 month plan, including data. I also got the iphone unlocking fee from three credited to my account. great deal.

    I can't wait! After dumping Vodafone years ago for treating long term customers with contempt and poor coverage, and suffering much the same with Three-if not worse! i expect to get customer service and quality at such a low level the like of which has never been encountered!!!
    Shackled! 14 months to go..... only 14 months to go.... :-(

    I just hope that they keep their current GSM roaming agreement with Telstra. 3 used to roam on Vodafone and the coverage outside metro areas was terrible.

    Is this move going to really improve the ACTUAL service of the combined companies ?. Also, it almost seems like it is a part tri merger - mainly because Telstra could possibly be still involved after the initial joining. But I might be wrong.

      no it is not. the service will most likely suck!

    I have no issues with three services. Really helpful.

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