ABC Switches Off Unmetered iView

iviewmetredSo much for the ABC's plans plans to expand the range of unmetered providers for iView — right now, watching shows through iView will chew through your bandwidth no matter which ISP you use.

Accessing the ABC through any ISP — including those like iiNet, Internode, Primus, Westnet and Adam which have offered unmetered access through the past — currently produces the message "iView is temporarily metered for all users". A post on the iView message board explains that the switch to metered view is a result of the unmetered service failing for as-yet-undisclosed technical reasons. Hopefully a resolution will be forthcoming soon. Update: Service was restored Monday evening.


    Might have something to do with the Primus Data Centre loosing power again yesterday?

    I went on there before my usual internet PM look at the news ect. and had to reload the page a couple of times to really believe it. Should have just went to you life hacker and get the good stuff.

    NOT HAPPY JAN. I love my iview but wont watch it if it chews my quota up.

    Likely reason:


    The iView twitter account seem to suggest it is temporary.

    This changeover is only temporary until they get it fixed. Most people using the system were reporting very bad streaming issues present with just this service, they are trying to find a fix for it at the moment.

    I definitely was having huge issues streaming over the last few days. I used to have problems with it stopping every 20-30 minutes of streaming, which was fair enough, but recently it would halt every 4 minutes for 1-2 minutes then start playing again which was a right pain. I'm on ADSL2+ with Internode, and there's no reaso for my connection to be slow, so I'd say they were having some pretty big issues server side.

    It's now unmetered again ( tweet about 5min ago as of posting this comment) for those who were eligible originally.

    What is with the tone of this article?

    There was a technical glitch which caused the non akamai users to suffer very poor streaming performance so the offending link was shut down. It is now back on the air and functioning correctly.

    Talk about a non-event.

    Mines back up unmetered. Yeay for me.

    I've just checked - seems to be working for me now. Well at least it says unmetered. On Sunday I have bad stuttery problems/suddenly cutting out problems

    Slow news day much?

    The ABC has a temporary change in service to fix an outage and you jump down their throats as if they're Kyle Sandilands.

    It's back to being unmetered... can we put away the riot gear now and stop the global panic?

    The 4 minute problem is still happening at least to me here in Adelaide on iiNet. It is rather irritating.

    Looking for why and if there is a fix.

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