Telstra Contemplating Offering Unmetered iView

Telstra Contemplating Offering Unmetered iView

If you’re a customer of Adam, iiNet, Internode, Primus or Westnet (among others), then you can watch as much of the ABC’s excellent iView catchup service as you like without it counting towards your monthly download limits. Telstra (Australia’s largest ISP) has long been notable for its absence from that list, but it looks like the company might finally be about to join the club, at least in part.

Andrew Colley at Australian IT reports that Telstra and the ABC are negotiating to include iView on its forthcoming T-Box PVR. That in itself wouldn’t guarantee that iView was more broadly available, but it would at least represent a first step in creating a partnership. I suspect a large number of Lifehacker readers are already using one of the more iView-friendly ISPs, but it might well be a different story when it comes to their parents.

While there are technical issues involved in ensuring iView is unmetered, the main reason Telstra has resisted to date has been its desire to push consumers towards its own entertainment offerings such as the BigPond music and movies services. Hopefully the desire to make the T-Box comprehensive will get it to do the right thing for once.

Telstra, ABC in talks on iView access [Australian IT]


    • @StevoTheDevo: You have a point, but sometimes it’s NOT possible. My parents live in an area with:
      a) No access to ADSL (too far from exchange)
      b) Poor 3G reception for any network that isn’t Telstra (and even Telstra reception is low, but at least it’s fairly consistent)

      From that information you might assume that they live out in the middle of nowhere but they are actually 30 minutes’ drive from a capital city.

      Their connectivity limits their options to Bigpond wireless broadband, or something like satellite. They went with Bigpond.

      I also have a mate who lives only 10 minutes from the city and is in the same situation. He went Bigpond too. It is painful, but “no internet” is more painful 🙂

      Unmetered iView would be great for Bigpond users! Fingers crossed…

  • iView is a great thing to happen to Australian TV, allowing all of us to catch up on programs we missed. Many other ISP’s give unmetered downloads, and is one of the reasons I picked my current ISP. Telstra need to catch up, or keep it’s customers…

  • Hmm.. interesting.. though I can imagine that they might want to put a quota of the amount of iview any one account can view-particularly if they offer it over their wireless networks like their other free content.( though it would be v. cool if they did)

  • As an ABC fan, I was planning to leave Bigpond (who I’ve been with for over 10 years) for iiNet or similar as soon as my current contract expired for solely this reason. So if they can catch up with the competition in time they’ll keep one more customer.
    Yeah, I’m in the over 50 crowd, but I haven’t seen any other reason to criticize them (other than lousy phone support of course).

    • @Fred
      You are an idiot. Not everyone has a choice as to what ISP they can have. I for one can only have the costly satellite or the cheaper Bigpond. Which one would you go for??

      • You could be right ABC. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand but I would have thought that anyone who can get Bigpond would also have the choice of better deals from many of the other ISP’s which use Telstra’s network. Internode for example.
        (One of us is an idiot either way)

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