Unmetered iView Access Expanded To Universities

iView74While Foxtel dithers over doing deals with ISPs, the ABC's iView service continues to expand the number of providers offering unmetered access to its excellent catch-up facilities. Its latest deal with AARNet, which provides Internet connectivity for Australia's university network, means more than a million academic types can now use the service without incurring the wrath of their network overlords.

As a student or someone working at a university, how much difference this makes will depend on the individual policies that apply at your institution. Whatever the individual impact, it's great to see the national broadcaster continuing to make the service cheap and easy for more people to access. Cinenet, Comcen/SPIN and Apex Internet customers using the TransACT network are also now able to watch iView unmetered.


    Hit me with unmetered action on Unwired, and I'm all over it!

    As someone living on campus this IS exciting, especially with the extortion-priced internet access.

    Just tested it, for anyone living on the University of Canberra campus it IS still counted against your Accesplus useage, even though the iView website "meterometer" swings to the "unmetered" side. Emailing them now asking if they intend to make it unmetered.

      ANU campuses still charging for iView, doubt they will let us use it for free. At the moment only mirror.aarnet.edu.au is free.

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