ninemsn Video Is A Wall Of Clips

ninemsnvideo ninemsn (you know, the site you have to turn off as the home page when you launch Internet Explorer) has revamped its video offering, offering up a "wall of clips" approach for browsing through video content.

As you'd expect, the site (which apes the design used by other MSN video offerings worldwide) has a healthy dose of Channel Nine programming, with an emphasis on brief clips from current affairs and lifestyle shows. There's a few full-length episodes of shows like McLeod's Daughters and Sea Patrol as well. Many of the clips are preceded by brief ads. You can browse by category using the links at the top of the page.

Click on a video and it appears in the player to the right. It works fine in Firefox; Google Chrome pops up a warning that the browser is not supported, but seems to work OK nonetheless.

There's a link to Nine's catchup TV service, but this isn't a patch on the ABC iView service. And for day-to-day video, there's still a lot more to be had at YouTube.

Update: As several commenters have noted below, the actual site rollout didn't happen until after I wrote this (despite ninemsn proclaiming this the launch date), so the interface did change to a slightly flashier (but no more useful) wall design. Still the same video content in any event.

ninemsn Video


    i think that image you have is a different site because someone just sent me this link which looks totally different to your image:

      the one guest posted is dufferent than the one other one.

      i don't understand which one is the new one.

    It is still shite. As soon as the video your are watching finishes, it cuts to the News clips without any way to go back to your video.. I really enjoyed the SoapBox site, but it was ruined when Channel 9 got their claws into it...

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