Fix Coming For nineMSN Bar Annoyance That Messes Up The New

The new has a stack of handy features, but for some Australian users it also has a major nuisance: a pointless nineMSN bar promo bar at the top of the screen, serving no useful purpose, wasting lots of vertical screen real estate and undermining the effectiveness of the redesign. A fix is apparently on the way.

Not everyone signing in to the revamped Outlook from Australia has experienced that issue. It hasn't shown up on my account, but it did for Gizmodo editor Luke, as well as for test accounts we tried setting up and many commenters. There doesn't seem to be any obvious pattern in which addresses it affects, and clearing cookies doesn't seem to resolve it.

We contacted Microsoft locally to ask about the issue, and got this terse but vaguely hopeful response:

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed.

There are some great features in the revamped, including an easy way to manage daily deals and subscription mails and excellent email alias options. Let's hope that it doesn't take too long to iron out this minor nuisance.


    I noticed that as well. It's very ugly compared to the rest of the redesign, not to mention it also bugs out a lot.

    I searched for anyone that had this problem and couldn't find anything.
    I thought it was only me!
    The blue outlook bar gets pushed down by the ninemsn bar and obstructs menu bar below.
    Furious refreshing fixes it. Sometimes.................................

      Why do they need to list NineMSN twice any way, I can safely say in all my years of using Hotmail, I've never stuck around and looked at their site. NEVER.

      I am facing the exact same problem ... its really annoying ...

    There is already a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that does away with the ninemsn bar

    Hope it's fixed soon, it's not really useable the way it is...

    I installed the Element Hiding Helper addon for Firefox, removed the entire bar instantly.

    I managed to correct it by messing with the location of the reading pane a few times in the options. I'm fickle, so I'll keep reading my email forwarded to a Gmail account instead.

    I manually blocked the ad with the adblocker extension for Chrome which fixed the issue. I'm assuming the ad was causing the outlook bar to cover the search function etc for everyone else affected. Problem solved!

    Anyone knows on a way to change the font color? The grey is too light and makes things harder to read for me at least ...

    I used adblock to get rid of it. looks heaps nicer now ;)

    On mine, it actually causes the blue pane to cover the search box.

    Hopefully they get Skydrive fixed up with metro look soon, for me it still switches back to the old hotmail layout, all the other sections, conacts, calendars etc work as metro.

    Another person here using Adblock Plus to hide the element!

    Who the hell goes on the ninemsn website anyway? I don't think I've ever been on it and I know I never, ever will.

    AdblockPlus custom filter:
    Removes that annoying ninemsn bar.

    No idea why, but I don't get the Ninemsn bar on my laptop, but my partner does.

    Both using Chrome with Adblockpro.

    You can go to settings and set reading pane to 'right'. That seems to fix the issue.

    Simple to correct. Just go into your own account settings AND profile settings and change your home & work country to anywhere you fancy. You have to change them everywhere it has a 'country' label box to type into, and make it the same country on all the form boxes. Ensure you SAVE the new country settings before exiting. Then log out completely, then re-login and voila' that unnecessary annoying ninemsn bar is gone! Why wait for a fix?

    Last edited 19/01/13 3:11 pm

    It's such a load of BS that we have this $h!t in our browser.
    Logged my displeasure here;

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