iPhone 3.0 In Australia: MMS Good, Tethering Iffy

iPhone 3.0 In Australia: MMS Good, Tethering Iffy

Australian users who have managed to get iPhone 3.0 installed are reporting on Twitter and forums that the MMS features are working with all the major carriers (so clearly I got that wrong), but note that Optus is indeed blocking tethering, saying this has to be enabled (and charged for) before it works. How’s 3.0 working for you? Share in the comments.


  • The only problem i have had was waiting 2 hours for the download and I got a network timeout message earlier today. However know it is working fine, I guess it was just the massive traffic on the servers..

      • Jed, i have the same problem, MMS coming through as a 61####### number. Annoying because it doesn’t go straight into the conversation with that person.

        As for tethering, it’s telling me to contact Optus.

      • I have noticed the same thing. Phone calls come in without the Aus country code, and if I initiate an SMS session it records the contact name correctly, but if I receive SMS or MMS from someone on my contact list, the phone whacks the country code infront of it, and then has no idea that it is a contact already on my list! Argh!

      • Jed, Nick and Steve… I’ve just purchased a 3GS and don’t have this problem. Although, this bug was on my 3G running iPhone OS 3.0.

        Try running a full fresh restore (don’t restore any backups)… this may fix your issue.

        I started using my 3GS fresh, without importing my 3G backup.

      • Something else which might fix the MMS name issue…

        Backup your Contacts to Outlook or Address Book, delete them from your iPhone, then re-import them.
        That way, the iPhone re-generates your phonebook… which may be the underlying issue here.

        Version 3.0 *might* contain hidden data in the phonebook, which helps link contact names to the new MMS feature. Re-generating the phonebook *should* add this hidden data to your contacts.

    • tethering on Virgin !!

      I dont get why it doesnt work on mine. Weird, it looks like I am connected to optus (optus on the top instead of Virgin) and when I want to activate tethering, it asks me to call optus 🙁


  • I’m with Virgin Mobile (OPTUS network) and I’m posting this after turning on ‘Tethering’ – so it is clearly working for me. There was absolutely no setup at all – simply turn on tethering on iPhone and device was shown under XP, receved IP address – and I’m up!

  • have you also forgotten about a huge feature with 3.0 – A2DP – you all cried about not having it at release, and here it is!

    works great btw – i have a JVC head unit in my car, two modes – either phone or audio!

    btw – people with the tethering config file off WP, be careful that using the yesinternet AP doesn’t screw up your existing data.

  • @Jed – I’ve just been doing the work around of adding the 61* number to the person’s contact as their Pager. It’s a work around, but it shows the name instead of the number…

  • Just been calling telstra as mms photo’s not coming through. Support telling me that it’s common throughout the world…. mmm not quite sure about that one

  • I’m with Optus…

    MMS worked straight away, tethering didn’t. I did end up using a special file that I found on a website (Thanks twitter!) and boom, tethering is enabled… and working! shame about the 3g coverage in my home area.

    Interesting to see what developments come out about this tethering business, I know I’m quite annoyed that I’ll have to pay extra to (legally) use the data in my cap that I never use to its full (500mb)

  • i have an iphone 3g running 3.0 jail broken with firmware 3.0(7a341) my mms used to work untill i installed somthing on cydia now no mms?? wats going on i live in australia im with vodafone any ideas? plz help

  • I am on vodafone australia and I want MMS but when i install the config. I still cant send or recieve MMS its always says message failed.

    I have had 3g taken off my phone does that make a difference?

  • Have a jail-broken iPhone 3G using 3.0.1 (as 3.0 didn’t work either) from the UK. Had been using a Telstra sim card in the phone & MMS kinda worked. Have just changed to a Vodafone sim & now can’t seem to use MMS at all.

    The Vodafone iPhone website states you must send yourself an MMS message to activate it, but none of mine will go through. Went to have a look at the Cellular Data Network settings to make sure they were correct, but they are no longer present in the Network settings………….

    Anyone know what’s going on & how I might be able to resolve this?


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